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BRHLL offers two awards each season to recognize effort, mental attitude, and volunteerism. The John W. Clarke Memorial Award is an award for a player on each team that exemplifies a positive mental attitude, a sense of humor, and exceptional effort on the field. The Jim Cotter Service Award recognizes a volunteer who has gone above and beyond regular effort to make BRHLL a better place.

John W. Clarke Memorial Award

About the Award

As we travel life's sometimes bumpy road, we occasionally come into contact with someone who appears to wring more joy out of each day than seems possible. These special individuals have a knack for allowing us to step back for a moment and see the lighter side, changing the grimace that we all frequently bring to our tasks into a smile.

John Clarke was one of these special people. The enthusiasm and joy with which he approached everything he did, rubbed off on each of those that he came into contact with. Win or lose, the young people he coached came away from each season having had more fun in baseball than they had ever had before. Whether it was drawing out the shy one, motivating the sullen one or calming the one filled with anger, John's touch was light and filled with laughter. Each of the young men and women came away with an understanding that life need not always be a struggle against the current.

Late in 1990, all of us lost John. He passed away from a heart attack. Someone said it might have been because his heart was so full of the love of life that it failed him. We are all poorer for having lost him. Yet he enriched those of us he touched in a way that will be remembered throughout the rest of our lives. This richness can never be erased so long as we keep in mind how he approached each day.

To keep this memory alive and among us as we work and play each season, the JOHN W. CLARKE MEMORIAL AWARD has been instituted. One player, who best exemplifies the qualities and attitude with which John lived each day, will be chosen from every team. Each of these young men and women will be presented with a medal which we hope will remind them that each day needs to be greeted with a smile. Joy is something that we can best receive by working actively to give it to others. We thank John for the joy he gave to us, and we promise to keep his attitude alive.

From the Friends and Family of John

2022 Baseball John Clarke Award Winners


Bray's Red Sox Oscar Szymczak 
Harrell's Guardians Gus Rodman
Klein's Dodgers Gavin Meyer
Lefebvre's Giants Dylan Geighes
Manetta's Braves Henry Bailey
McGrady's Tigers Dylan Cornforth
Schluge's Royals Henry Winings
Williams' Cubs Henry Kaplan

AAA BB                

Bolton's Reds Sam Overholser
Burke's Phillies Cole Rauch
Hazel's Rangers Gabe Seitz
Higdon's Athletics William Jones
Northup's Twins Cavan Cusack
Odmark's Mets Aiden Kirschner
Sahm's Angels Michael Goodenough
Weida's Nationals Charlie Leary

MINORS BB        

Barnes' Cardinals William Sanders
Elliot's Pirates Fitz Bouslog
Erdel's Mets Gabe Kirkland
Falls Rays Jackson Darling
Lebherz Yankees Charley Oldham
Leuer's Astros George Mchugh
McHenry's Angels Emmett Jasiak
Puckett's Rockies Kai White



Boddy's Pirates Abram Hoff
Burke's Diamondbacks Will Reece
Clust's Rays Otto Miller
Driscoll's Cardinals Lincoln Rodeheffer
Haley's A's Lucy Winings
Jones' Rockies Oliver Huff
Kennedy's Marlins Miles Buechler
LeClere's Astros Reuben Kurinsky
Nestel's Mariners Michael Mindrum
Owen's Blue Jays Bella Owens
Stille's Orioles Jackson Becker
Terraza's White Sox Deco Kanaan

Jim Cotter Service Award

About the Award

The Jim Cotter Service Award is awarded not more than once annually to a volunteer that exemplifies BRHLL values and who has gone above and beyond the call of duty in her or his volunteerism and dedication to BRHLL, often over the course of several years.


2018 - Jay Metzler
2019 -
2020 - Mike Jones
2021 - 
2022 - Erica Morrical

2022 Softball John W. Clarke Award Winners

Majors Softball

 McHugh's Yankees - Emma Lynn
Saalfrank's Red Sox - Greta Gutwein
Tuschong's Orioles - Finley Jennings

AAA Softball

Bischoff's Braves - Denison Stone
Krueger's Cubs - Zoe Campbell
Perry's Rockies - Nora Nagle
Root's Marlins - Maris Hepley
Siri's White Sox - Claire Bloede
Towns' A's - Eleanor Cain                                                                        

Minors Softball

Basch's Angels - Autumn Chapuran
Eckerle's Tigers - 
Janik's Nationals - Lux Keller
Kaczorowski's Dodgers - Annabelle Hurst
Pittman's Mets - Seraphina Delameter
Tedford's Royals - Alexa Sipe & Grace Biberstine
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