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What is it?

BRHLL All-Stars is a post-season tournament for a select group of players. All-Stars is BRHLL's commitment to, and recognition of, excellence in softball and baseball. The expectation for all-star players is to be available throughout the entire season. Most teams practice 5-6 times per week leading up to the tournament. Tournaments often start late in June and can run through late July should a team win District and move on to the State tournament. Unlike the BRHLL rec season, playing time may be limited for some participants as the teams adhere to the official Little League playing rules which may be a little as a single at bat per game.

How are BRHLL All-Star teams formed?

Players are selected for All-Star teams based on ability, availability, and eligibility.


Ability is assessed solely by objective opinions of the managers in the division in which the player is being considered. Ability includes a player's physical playing abilities as well as his/her mental attitude with respect to the game.


Player availability, including conflicts such as vacations and camps, is also an important consideration.


Members of the All-Star teams must meet league age requirements as documented via birth certificate, participate in 60% of regular season games and provide proof of residency.

Selection Committee

All-star teams are selected solely by team managers within their respective divisions of play. BRHLL's President, Player Agent, and Vice Presidents of Baseball / Softball attend the selection meetings to ensure Little League rules are adhered to, but do not participate in the selection of players.

How do we apply?

Late in the regular season, the league will send out notice to all league families announcing that it will begin accepting all-star application forms. This is the link to both the baseball and softball application form.  Each applicant needs his/her own form.  Each application form should be read carefully, signed, and then Page 1 should be scanned and emailed to [email protected] by NO LATER THAN 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, May 28th, 2019.


To register your player, log in and proceed with registration on the Registration tab of this web site.

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