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The “BRHLL Way” is a set of core values and standards that guide player development. It offers coaches and parents a unified approach, thus ensuring that a strong foundation can be built. The overall goal is to establish a safe and nurturing environment where players and their families can enjoy and learn the great game of baseball while preparing our players for the next level. We believe that the BRHLL Way is the first and, perhaps, most important step on that journey.

Core Values
The BRHLL Way core values are necessary for young players to be successful students of the game. Players must be willing participants in the process and adherence to these values demonstrates the athlete’s willingness and desire to succeed.

1.   Have passion for the game.
Passion for the game fuels perseverance. While not every player on the team will have the same level of passion, it is something worth cultivating. Passion is empowering and inspiring, and coaches must lead through a genuine love of the game. If we are passionate about the game and our enthusiasm is evident through our approach, players and their families will feed off it.

2. Strive to improve.
Strive to improve at every opportunity – on your own, at practice and in games. Be intentional. Always get better. Players must work hard and focus on what they can control. Coaches should never “punish” a lack of talent but should be the first to point out a lack of effort.

3. Aspire to be the best teammate possible.
Build people up. Don’t tear them down. Echo positive comments. Treat others – teammates, coaches, opponents, umpires and spectators – as you wish to be treated. That’s the golden rule.

Player Standards
The BRHLL Way player standards provide the framework to guide our teaching about baseball. The standards declare what we hold to be the most important aspects of that teaching. These are the facets of player development that will prepare our players for the next level.

1. Athleticism
Effective hitting, pitching, baserunning and fielding are governed by strong, powerful and controlled movement. Fitness, flexibility, endurance, balance and nutrition are the building blocks for both short and long term success. We want to develop athletes who play baseball, not baseball players who happen to be good athletes.

2. Fundamentals
Running, throwing, fielding and hitting are the basics that good baseball is built upon. The initial teaching and then constant repetition of these fundamentals is crucial to developing young athletes. When executed correctly, the athlete develops a “fluidity of motion,” or a seamless execution of movement specifically tailored to baseball.

3. Knowledge and Awareness
We seek to increase the awareness of game situations, of a player’s capabilities and motivations, of the body (how it moves and how it responds to feedback), and what motivates teammates and opponents. Once attained, this is the point when the dugout becomes a “cue-free zone,” where there’s no more shouting during play – the player has taken ownership.

Coaching the BRHLL Way
What follows is a list of instructional elements for coaches. This is far from an exhaustive list, but adhering to these will set the coach on the correct course.

1. Be real, be honest, and be there!
2. Communicate your expectations.
3. Hold players accountable for the execution of our values and standards.
4. Be prepared.
5. Build a routine and develop habits through repetition.
6. Develop practice plans that are high-energy, competitive and fun.
7. Achieve success through encouragement of the BRHLL Way.

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