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Volunteer Opportunities

BRHLL is an all-volunteer run league, and we are "all in" for our kids.  From the coaches and umpires to event coordination and field maintenance, BRHLL operates solely off volunteer support, and everyone is expected to do their part.  We even expect the players to pull their weight, especially during practice and game day field duties, in an effort to teach responsibility and develop a service-oriented heart.  You'll see your kids clearing the dugout, dragging the fields or lugging bases, and don't be surprised to see them laughing and conversing while working together for the greater good of their team and league.  

During registration you'll be required to join a volunteer committee of your choice.  Please choose a role in which your time and talents can benefit the kids most and to make BRHLL the premier league in Indianapolis.  

Board of Directors

If you are interested in serving on the BRHLL Board of Directors, please send an email to [email protected] or contact a Board Member during evaluations.  New members of the board are considered every year in September, but please let us know of your interest at any time.  General requirements include attending monthly board meetings (9-11 meetings per year) and serving as Officer of the Day multiple times throughout the spring season.  For specific role and responsibility descriptions, please see the Board of Directors page.  

Coaching Opportunities

Managers are the leaders of their teams.  They are responsible for participating in evaluations and drafting their team, leading team practices and games, player development, and parent communication.  While experience is preferred, coaching experience is not a requirement for consideration.  A working knowledge of baseball or softball is, however, required as is a willingness to uphold the Broad Ripple Way and effectively communicate league announcements and events.  Managers are appointed by the BRHLL President with advice from and approval of the Board of Directors.  For the Majors Division, managers can expect to give 10-16 hours of time per week.  As a comparison, Rookies managers can expect to give 3-4 hours of weekly volunteer time.

Assistant Coach
Assistant coaches are team parents and are selected by the managers.  Assistant coaches help managers at practices and games and may take on additional roles as delegated by the manager.  Less emphasis is placed on coaching experience and baseball / softball knowledge for assistant coach consideration.  For the Majors Division, assistant coaches can expect to give 8-12 hours of time per week in comparison to 1-3 hours per week for the Rookies Division.
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